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About the
Money Bootcamp

Are you wondering why no money is left by the end of the month? Are you wondering if enough money will be left for the pension? Are you planning to buy a house or apartment at some point? All these questions are explored in the Money Bootcamp and many more. The goal of the online course is to get you financially fit in 8 weeks! We first determine your current status quo and then define your goals. We look at your next steps and how you can implement them. 

Are you ready to...

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Image by Rawpixel on Unsplash

Save Money

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Image by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Build Wealth

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Image by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Fulfill Your Goals

What is inside?

The main questions we will answer are:

  • What is your pension gap?

  • What are your expenses?

  • What is your net worth?

  • What are your financial goals?

  • BONUS: How to implement your goals?

  • BONUS: What you need to know about advisors?

  • BONUS: How can you continue with your financial plan?


What will you get?

Full access immediately to all course content:

  • 16 practical videos 

  • PLUS 4 bonus video

  • PLUS Factsheets

  • PLUS Worksheets


Is this course for you?

  • Yes - if you want to gain financial literacy

  • Yes - if you want to acquire long-term financial habits

  • Yes - if you want to invest in yourself and your future


The Curriculum



Why this course
Bootcamp overview


Why to care about your personal finances?

Female personal finances these days
Your retirement and wealth gap
Bridging the gaps

How to budget and save?

As-is analysis
Your household book
Your saving potential


What is your Net Worth?

Your current asset and liabilities
Your current net worth


What are your life goals?

Why life goals
Writing down your life goals
Tackling your life goals


Financial planning DIY vs Advisor

Considerations when investing DIY
Fee Based Advisor vs Commission Based Advisor
Identifying, preparing and having a conversation with an advisor


Summary & Outlook

Introduction to investing
Bootcamp key takeaways


It's time for you to thrive

Are you ready to start your journey to financial independence?


Frequently Asked Questions


When does the course start?

This course starts whenever you are ready. It is self paced so you can decide how fast you want to proceed.

How can I access the course?

On your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. You need internet access to log in to the course on our website.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once  you have enrolled, you have access to this course for 12 months (including potential updates / improvements).

Are there any prerequisites to sign up?

No, any one can take the course.

What if I live outside the Germany?

The content is not specific to the German market. Some of the practical content (e.g. money management app tipps) may require you to identify your market-specific resources (for example, if you live outside of the DACH region).

Do I need to use Facebook or join the Facebook group?

No, Facebook is not a requirement but participation is recommended.
The Facebook group serves as a forum to discuss questions. It is a great tool for motivating each other and hence a great idea for you to join.

Is one-on-one coaching included as part of the course?

One-on-one coaching is NOT included as part of this course. 

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if you contact us within 14 days after purchasing the course you will receive a refund. In this case we will disable your access to the course content.




Are you ready to start your journey to financial independence?