Clever girls have THIS money mindset

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Money mindset – this term was not part of my mental map a couple of years ago. In 2016, I had started reading about the relationship between money and emotions. But a money mindset? I had no clue. If you feel the same, let’s elucidate the two notions separately.



According to the Cambridge dictionary, “coins or notes (= special pieces of paper) that are used to buy things; or an amount of these that a person has” 


Again, based on the Cambridge dictionary, “a person’s way of thinking and their opinions”.

I was a tad smarter now. Lesson learned: A money mindset is a person’s way of thinking about her/ his (total amount of) coins / notes. Does your definition deviate? Please share your perspective with us! 

As you know, we are not the first women that discuss personal finance and investing. Clara and I started working on this issue because we realized that many of our friends and acquaintances in Germany and Switzerland were super smart and experienced – but they were not savvy when it comes to money and investing. Bola Sukunbi, CEO and founder of the financial empowerment platform “Clever Girl guide to Finance”, is one of my favorite US American money writers. I like her style – it is very straightforward, and her recommendations are easily usable. I recently came across her Instagram post on a money mindset:

  1. Decide to be wealthy
  2. Determine your „why“
  3. Let go of general standards – define your own
  4. Review your circle of influence
  5. Get aggressive with your goals

It is bold, and she is right! It’s all about adopting the “right” attitude, and then let actions follow:

  • If, from now on, you make up your mind about being wealthy, then your actions will follow
  • Once you’re clear about your rationale for wanting to be wealthy, it will be much easier to have the corresponding (saving and investing) discipline – this usually has to do with taking stock of your life goals and then turning them into financial goals
  • Financial confidence enables you to define your own standards (and your worth, which impacts your money behavior; for instance, when negotiating your salary)
  • Adding a money accountability buddy or group helps you spend more time with liked-minded individuals – those that also want to improve their wealth
  • Forget about “aggressive” being a negative term – it is good! It helps you stick to your financial goals.

Having a clever woman’s money mindset requires some changes. But after all, change is the only continuous element of our lives. It is a positive thing!

Written by Caroline-Lucie Ulbrich
Finelles Founder. Coach and organizational consultant (ECB, Deutsche Bank and UBS). 



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