Budgeting apps - our review for you

Photo by  Paul Hanaoka  on  Unsplash

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Are your ready to tackle your personal finances and budget? Than this review will help you. We have put together a couple of budgeting apps and a couple of banking apps with a budgeting function.

Let's start with budgeting apps, we have selected 5 different apps for your budget tracking:

1. Money Control

Money control is a budgeting app which has quite a lot of features:

  • Easy entry and categorization of income and expenses including recurring payments (income etc.) so you do not need to enter them every month

  • Financial status of the current month displayed on the start page

  • Succinct listing of all bookings of a month

  • Scanning of receipts with your phone

  • Reporting function (PDF)

  • Export of the data in a CSV format

  • Search function

  • Easy use on the smartphone and desktop (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows & Windows Phone)

  • Free version is available, but for additional functions e.g. entering more than 20 expenses,  more than 15 PDF reportings, more than 5 scans you need to upgrade to the premium version which costs around EUR 5

  • Find out more at: http://mobiware.de/moneycontrol

2. Mein Haushaltsbuch

An app for iPhone and iPads:

  • Unlimited entry of accounts

  • Categorization is possible

  • Automatic entry of recurring expenses and income

  • Preview of upcoming months

  • Rollover of your last months end result

  • Easy budget creation

  • Search function

  • Reporting

  • Export of data into Excel/Numbers, CSV, PDF, HTML

  • Import of data (CSV) from multiple banks and apps

  • The Pro version costs EUR 2.99

  • Find out more at: https://www.onetwoapps.de/deutsch/mein-haushaltsbuch/

3. Money Manager

This app if for Android and iPhone:

  • Entry of expenses and income

  • Automatic calculation of recurring expenses and income

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Data can be exported

  • Set a budget

  • Receipts can be scanned

  • Desktop version available

  • Quite a lot of data may have to be entered by you - which increases the time spent

  • There is advertisement

  • Both a free and a pro version exist

  • The pro version costs around EUR 3.00 (depending on your device)

  • Look it up at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.realbyteapps.moneymanagerfree&hl=en 

4. Monefy

Monefy is a convenient budgeting app; its features are:

  • Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

  • Entry of expenses and income

  • Automatic calculation of  recurring items

  • Reporting

  • Entry of user’s own categories

  • Budgeting function

  • Export data

  • Multiple devices

  • Nice design

  • No advertisement in the pro version

  • Monefy has a free version and a pro version, the pro version costs around EUR 2.50 (depending on your device)

  • Find out more at: www.monefy.me


YNAB, also called you need a budget, is not only an app but a lifestyle. The app has quite a few features:

  • Use of multiple devices is possible

  • Customization of categories is also possible

  • Synchronization with user’s bank accounts

  • Definition of personal goals

  • Personalized reporting

  • The website features a blog, forum, webinars, videos, documents

  • The app is available for free for 34 days; then is costs USD 6.99 / month or USD 83.99 / year  (ca. EUR 70)

  • The app is expensive but has a lot of practical features

  • Find out more at: https://www.youneedabudget.com/apps/

Now we will have a look at the banking apps with a budget functionality. The first three apps are banking apps and the last two apps are actual banks.

6. Outbank

This app permits you to connect all your accounts (savings accounts etc.); it also offers the following features:

  • Available for iOS and Android

  • Multiple devices

  • Tracking of expenses, as it is directly connected to an user’s bank accounts

  • Money transfer from the app

  • Categorization of expenses is mandatory, which helps to customize but also requires a higher time investment (on the part of the user)

  • Budgeting function

  • Checks your financial products and recommends alternatives

  • Find out more at: https://outbankapp.com/de/

7. Numbrs

Numbrs is similar to Outbank, in essence it is a mobile banking app:

  • Available for  iOS and Android

  • Connection to bank accounts

  • Automatic categorization of transactions

  • Mobile banking function: Money transfers from the app, etc.

  • Detailed reporting function

  • Budgeting function featuring goal setting

  • Checks your financial products and recommends alternatives

  • Find out more at: https://www.numbrs.com/de/

8. Get ZUPER

Like Outbank and Numbrs, Get Zuper is a banking app which connects your your accounts and manages your banking:

  • Available for iPhones and Android devices (in Germany and Austria)

  • Automatic categorization of income and expenses

  • Budgeting function

  • Provides updates on your spending status as well as a financial health score

  • Online banking functionalities: transfers etc.

  • Provides the user with tips and tricks how to better manage one’s finances

  • Check it out at: https://de.getzuper.com/

9. N26

N26 is a bank itself, hence if you want to use their features you require an N26 account. The app has the following budgeting features:

  • Mobile banking functionalities e.g. online payments etc.

  • Entry of cash payments

  • There are a total of 22 expense categories

  • Account analytics

  • Find out more at: https://n26.com/de-de

10. Revolut

Again, Revolut is an alternative to your bank account and more than just an app. It features:

  • Online banking functionalities: money transfer etc.

  • Budgeting function including goal setting

  • Automatic expense management if revolut cards are used

  • Updates on spending extent, patterns, current account data

  • Automatic categorization of expenses

  • Creation of saving goals and direct money transfer towards their achievement as soon as income has been credited to account

  • Find out more at: https://www.revolut.com/?lang=de


To sum it up, if you pay in cash, a budgeting app is quite convenient. Using apps with the possibility to connect multiple devices is a great option for couples who wish to track their combined expenses. If you primarily use credit or debit cards, a banking app makes more sense at it automatically tracks your expenses. In addition, you have the option to transfer money. Note that mobile banks and online banks, possibly also your bank, have already included a budgeting function in their mobile or online banking. This makes it easy to track your expenses - in particular, should you not have multiple accounts.

Written by Clara Creitz
Finelles Founder. Coach and Consultant (UBS, Towers Watson). 



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