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Are you wondering why no money is left by the end of the month, whether you have enough capital to retire? Do you want to purchase real estate one day? All these questions are addressed in the MONEY BOOTCAMP: Personal Finance Edition.We first determine your status quo, then define your goals and how to achieve them. Learn more: here.


Have you ever considered investing your money? Wondered what stocks, bonds or mutual fund are? Would you like to understand investment lingo?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, you’ve come to the right place! And you’re not alone, 80-90% of women feel the same. Since money will always be a part of your life, it’s time you learn how to master it. That’s the reason why we created this MONEY BOOTCAMP. Learn more: here

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You asked for solutions — we created them

We have spoken to many women, and they all said they would love to be in the driving seat with respect to finances & investing. They do not know where to start. We heard you and created solutions for you: online workshops, short articles and tools that are easy to follow and implement.


Finances made easy!


Finelles Academy

We have created high quality, interactive and compact online courses for you to successfully master your finances. Our online bootcamps consist of various modules including videos, factsheets and worksheets, so you can tackle the topics according to your pace. You will find our bootcamps for your personal finances, basics of investing and your career.


Finelles Knowledge Lounge

We have put together practical blog articles on various topics for you:
Personal Finance, Investing, Psychology of Money and Career. In addition, we also have put together book tips on the above mentioned topics if you are interested on further reading. Check out our Finelles knowledge lounge and become financially savvy.


Finelles Freebies

We have put together some cool freebies for you. Among the free downloads you will find checklists and templates on various topics, e.g. your budget, your financial goals or even a checklist for financial advisors. In addition you will also find the 8-Day-Money-Challenge: a daily mini money course. It comes in a newsletter format and features practical tips.


Take our free 8-Day Money Challenge!


The 8-Day-Money Challenge is a daily mini money course. It comes in a newsletter format and features practical tips which you can implement away!
Our ensuing newsletter will keep you on your path towards financial wellbeing.