Corporate Trainings


Corporate Trainings - Financial Wellness

We also offer trainings for companies e.g. in the context of a Financial Wellness Program.


Companies can benefit from

Hot topic

Progressive employers are dedicated to the topic of diversity and equality.

Employee benefits

Money is often a trigger for stress, so relief can lead to greater satisfaction and higher productivity.

Further education

Further education, especially with financial knowledge, is an important topic, which is becoming more and more important for employees.

Companies often offer typical benefits, which are mostly used by employees only to a limited extent. The topic of money is everyone's business, so you can also place yourself as an employer with the topic of finance as an employer.

Unique selling proposition

We offer tailor-made training and financial wellness programs so that we can respond to the needs of employers and employees.

Tailored training

We have a number of training modules such as Lunch & Learns (about 60 minutes), workshops (2-4 hours) but also training (1-2 days) on various topics.

Modular approach


Potential topics are:

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Personal finances

  • Budgeting and saving

  • Net Wealth

  • Financial goals

Basics of investing

  • What are Asset Classes?

  • How to banks or stock markets work?

  • What is the relation between risk and return?

  • How to set-up a portfolio?

Career Management

  • Find the right job

  • Tips and tricks when applying for a job

  • Career development

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Psychology of Money

  • Money Mindset

  • Money hacks

  • How to manage your internal money stories


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