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  • WeSpace Bahnhostrasse 62 8001 Zurich Switzerland (map)


Have you every considered investing your money? Have you always wondered what stocks, bonds or mutual fund are? Have you wished someone would help you make sense of the investment lingo?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place! And you’re not alone, 80-90% of women feel the same. Since money will always be a part of your life, it’s time you actually learn how to use it once and for all. And that’s the exact reason why we created this MONEY CLASS: THE INVESTING EDITION where you will learn:

  • What are financial markets?

  • Which investment types exists?

  • How do I identify the right investments?

  • Where can I invest my money?

  • How can I avoid investment mistakes?

  • Are there practical tips & tricks about investing?

AND most importantly we will experience how investing can be really FUN!


Where: WeSpace, Bahnhofstrasse 62, 8001 Zurich

When: Saturday, 16th March 2019, 09.00-16.00


* Material, coffee breaks and a light lunch will be included. *

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Finelles is a financial learning community for women - like you - who want to gain financial confidence and competence. This is why we created a combination of educational content, access to our network of likeminded women and trusted experts. We want to go together with you on your path toward financial self-sufficiency. Therefore we are looking forward to embark on this journey together with us.


At Yova Impact Investing, we empower you to invest your savings in companies that are innovating and leading the way towards a cleaner, greener economy. Using our easy online tool, you pick the sustainable and socially responsible investment themes that are most important to you. Based on your selections, as well as your risk preferences and financial goals, we show you exactly what stocks we recommend you invest in. We also ensure your portfolio is financially sound. This way, you can control where your money goes – without compromising your returns.

Bianca Kux

Bianca is the founder of Bianca Kux Coaching & Training. It inspires women to discover and accept their talents, to break their fears and to live fully from the heart. She accompanies people on their way to their full potential wherever change is about to happen and inspires them to listen to their inner voice and to follow their heart. She helps people break through to understand that they are not wrong but exactly right how they are, so that your personality begins to radiate authenticity and starts to sparkle.

Bianca founded the Rich Women Cashflow Club about 2 years ago together with the institute of financial education based on the books „Rich dad, Poor dad“ and „“Rich Women“ from Robert and Kim Kiyosaki to play cash flow. Cashflow is a strategy game invented by Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim Kiyosaki to strengthen your financial mindset. The Rich Women Cashflow Club & Academy is a community of women who want to educate themselves around the issues of money, the associated mindset and especially the financial freedom. This is about getting to know some great new women who want to take care of their kick-ass money mindset and have fun together!